2017 ICC Champions Trophy: India – Pakistan Clash To End As A Washout, Suggests Weather Forecast

The ICC Champions Trophy may have already begun but it will officially commence this Sunday according to the Indian and Pakistani fans.

The buzz has been alive ever since the schedule was declared and the marquee event of the league – India v Pakistan – was scheduled on June 4th. The date was marked as ‘important’ in the smartphones and the tickets were sold out within no time. Edgbaston was ready for festivities.

The build-up has been amazing. The Indian and Pakistani diaspora in Birmingham, who officially recognise themselves as Brits, will split themselves to back their respective side and enjoy a day of patriotism for their native land.

The weather forecast, however, looks bothersome. The entire weekend has heavy to medium showers expected. The worrying fact is that there are plenty of chances of it becoming true, especially after the New Zealand v Australia game, played at the same venue, was forced to be abandoned due to bad weather.

Steven Smith was happy that he escaped a possible defeat and the Blackcaps headed to their hotel in a dejected mood. However, scenes would be 100 folds intense on June 4th and the rain gods seem to be least interested in understanding the importance of the upcoming game.

As far the weather is concerned, it’s going to be cold, damp and skies will be covered with dark clouds. These are not good signs and only direct us towards a possible washout during the Indo-Pak fixture.

Something which no one wishes should happen.

Weather Forecast for Indiav Pakistan on June 4th

Weather Forecast (Photo Source: Google)

The two sides are meeting after almost a year’s gap. Since 2013, the two teams have only played at ICC events. The turbulent relation between the two nations has cut off all the sporting ties and since 2013, they haven’t played a bilateral series.

So logically, there is every reason to be worried for the starved fans who hope that the two teams play more often.

Rain brings joy. Yes, it does, of course.

It’s nature at its best. Very few feelings in the world are as subtle and refreshing as the feeling of being out in the rains.

Don’t we relate it to all sort of happy things?

Sounds so perfect….isn’t it?

But, hey…let’s hold ourselves.

Utter these words in Birmingham today or tomorrow or maybe day after tomorrow and the hospitality might not feel so friendly.

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June 3, 2017 at 08:33AM

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