ICC ODI Rules Revised, Are They Bowler Friendly?

ODI cricket rules changed

Will the new rules benefit bowlers?

In an era where the role of the bowlers is diminishing by the day there were calls to change the ODI rules. ICC tried to answer the call by changing the rules of ODI ostensibly to bring back the balance between bat and ball.

With the winning score in ODIs getting increased by 25-30 runs since the inception of new rule of five players inside the 30-yard circle there were increasing apprehensions regarding the diminishing role of the bowlers in ODIs.

Since this rule we have seen the score of 400 being breached more easily. Individual scores of 200 has been breached three times, Rohit Sharma (264), Martin Guptill (237*) and Chris Gayle (215).


icc odi rules

Revised Playing Conditions (In effect on or after 5th July 2015):

  • No compulsory catchers in overs 1-10 (ODIs)
  • No batting Powerplay between overs 15-40 (ODIs)
  • Five fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle in overs 41-50 (ODIs)
  • All “no balls”, not just “foot faults”, to result in a free hit (ODIs & T20Is)

Apart from replenishing batting powerplay the revoking of compulsory catcher in the first ten overs could strangle the batsmen. Overall it will be interesting to see how the batsmen respond to these rule changes and if still the teams breach the 300 runs barrier with ease or the bowlers will have some respite.

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