4rabet APP Review (4rabet APK)

The gentle visual relaunch of the 4rabet website is also reflected in the 4rabet betting app. The motto is more modern and brighter. But anyone who suspects that the bookmaker is only devoted to superficialities is wrong. Because the 4rabet Mobile App was already convincing in terms of its functionality.

The navigation is simple and self-explanatory, the account management is clear. Both text and images are used in both areas. This of course also loosens the appearance. The app is available in English, Hindi and other languages. 4rabet as an online app has specific functions, which you can’t have on the desktop version. 

The 4rabet app has a search function. It can be found by clicking on the “bar symbol” in the top left. Another feature that 4rabet seems to be very proud of is the integration of the 4rabet app into the Spotlight function of the iPhones and iPads. When searching for certain keywords, corresponding entries in the betting program also appear in the results. The 4rabet APK version unfortunately does not shine with this feature, because on Android this function is only available via its own apps, which you have to install additionally. For clarification, 4rabet APK for IOS is impossible combination

The deposit/withdrawal is also clearly arranged in the 4rabet app. Unfortunately, minimum amounts only appear as soon as you click in the amount field and not already in the overview of payment methods.

In account management you can also control how the bookmaker should contact you. If you have given the appropriate authorization, the 4rabet app also sends push notifications, perhaps too happily for some users. You can of course activate these notifications about special offers and highlights there.

4rabet betting app

Clicking on the odds places the respective bet in the betting slip. This doesn’t pop up in the 4rabet app right away. You have to open the betting slip yourself at the top right. If you add more bets, 4rabet will also display the cumulative odds for a multiple bet at this point.

The reason why the betting slip is not immediately displayed in the 4rabet app is revealed as soon as you open the betting slip. Because three selected markets already require more space than the smartphone display allows. In the betting slip you can see all tips as single bets or in various constellations as multi bets (combination bets) or system bets.

Unlike the competition, which in this case usually uses tabs to simplify the presentation, the 4rabet app has to be scrolled. At the lower end, you can also make settings for changing odds or lines, or you can keep the selection in the betting slip even after placing a bet. Only the bar with the total stake, profit before tax and the button for placing the bet remains fixed at the bottom of the screen.

4rabet app earn money

You can bet with 4rabet app online and win, but with always a big risk to lose, because sports only seem to be predictable. However, you can read tips and strategies in our 4rabet review. 4rabet as an earning app is perfect if you are big pro in cricket. 

4rabet Review

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4rabet apk download – how to download

How do I install the 4rabet app? As Indian Apple user, you can get the 4rabet iOS app as usual in the App Store. Sports betting fans from Indian who own an iPhone are looking in vain for this 4rabet download option. Because this bookie and its offers have also disappeared from the Austrian app store. This availability problem affects several, including well-known sports betting providers. Those who have already downloaded the 4rabet app in the past can of course continue to use it, but will no longer receive any updates.

However, users of Android devices know that they cannot download the 4rabet APK file from the Google Play Store. The reason for this is simple: there are no gambling offers there. Nevertheless, there are two 4rabet Android apps in the Play Store: One for live scores, the other for statistics. For Android users, the way to download the 4rabet app is via the bookmaker itself. Navigate to 4rabet.com with your smartphone or tablet, scroll down and click on 4rabet app download APK. Therefore, 4rabet app download is completed via APK file, which you can easily find throughout the net. 

We cannot point out enough that you should only download the 4rabet Android app from this official source and not from third-party providers.

4rabet app review

Our user behavior with digital offers also differs by device. Smartphones in particular are used when things need to be fast and we are on the go. In the case of sports betting, of course, this means that live betting functions for mobile devices are the supreme discipline. Because in the stadium, in the pub or simply comfortably on the sofa – reaching for the mobile phone is the most convenient when betting. 

As a rule, the bookmakers prominently display live bets in the first view. The 4rabet app is no exception. Of course, quotas are constantly updated. As soon as you click on a betting odd, the selection lands in the betting slip.

If you click into an event, a multitude of live betting markets will open up immediately. Statistics break up this view depending on availability. However, we found the menu ribbon below it exciting in our test. On the far left there is a magnifying glass, which of course refers to a search function. You do not lose any time and you can quickly find the betting market you want. This is followed by categories as we know them from pre-match bets, such as “Important Markets’ ‘, ”Goals “,”Others “. The 4rabet live betting offer is quite large. Of course, as the event progresses, the selection becomes smaller and smaller

India bet app

There are very few Indian bookmakers. Therefore, the quantity of apps is also restricted. The Indian bookmaker 4rabet is one of the leaders in the industry and proves its status not least with the 4rabet app. It has succeeded in all respects and thus represents an excellent interface between the user and the betting program.

The app convinced us in terms of speed, stable performance and clarity of navigation. What stands out particularly positively is that 4rabet not only delivers an application for the mobile device, but also actually fits into the bigger picture of the operating system with the integration into the Spotlight search. India bet app – only 4rabet.

Moreover, we still have a very positive impression overall. Therefore, we have a clear recommendation for 4rabet and the app that goes with it.

Cricket betting APK

4rabet is an Indian betting bet, which is famous for cricket orientation. Indian market is all about the IPL and the players who represent this league. You can place a bet via app using a 4rabet promo code and become a millionaire by betting on your favorite cricket team!

4rabet APP Review (4rabet APK)

200% bonus up to 20,000 rupees!

4rabet app is a pocket version of 4rabet website but in the form of an app. It is developed in 2019.

The 4rabet APK functions the same as the IOS version and the features do not disappear. Live, line betting, depositing, withdrawing – everything is included.

Open the browser and look for the safe web site, which provides APK files for Android. The 4rabet APK file is available at any of their catalogs, download it, move it to the phone, install and enjoy!

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