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Live Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is the most attractive pastime for many cricket fans in India. The rapid growth of modern technologies has pushed the betting industry in the world to switch to live mode, which implies the possibility of real-time betting for users of various bookmakers. Betting sites offer a variety of options for customizers in this aspect. At first, this topic touched, of course, football betting, but over time it spreads to other popular sports. A separate topic for Indian fans is cricket, which is considered the national sport in India.
Many Indians take part in online cricket betting, which seems quite natural given the huge popularity of the sport. A variety of sportsbooks offer different opportunities for live cricket betting in the Indian market. In fact, there are a lot of them, and the best platforms are those that adhere to the most important criteria regarding safety and convenience for Indian users. Let’s take a look at the items that are tremendously appreciated in choosing the best live cricket betting sites.
1. Indians are accepted by the bookmaker without specific access restrictions
2. The ability to make deposits and quick withdrawals in Indian Rupees
3. Huge selection for cricket betting, including in the live sphere
4. Good lines for betting on common sports such as football, horse racing, tennis and even kabaddi
5. The ability to watch live broadcasts of major sporting events
6. Reliability of the site, namely the availability of licenses, recommendations, nominations and positive feedback from players
7. Lots of bonuses, promo codes and promotions, including an attractive welcome bonus with favorable conditions
8. Professional and helpful customer support service available at any time by any means (phone, email, live chat)
9. Highly technological software and a pleasant, intuitive interface
10. Availability of a mobile application with good functionality
This list of top 10 criteria can be extended according to the tastes of the clients, but it is this list that stands out as fundamental for further consideration of the options of the platform and choosing the best cricket betting site in India.

Cricket Betting Tips & Live Rates

The great variety in the aspect of live cricket betting deserves the attention of the players. Among the most popular rates with regards to this case, the following points can be distinguished.

Live Betting

This is a huge block for sharing rates. Bets of this type provide for predicting certain options for matches that have already started with constantly changing odds. You can bet on different scenarios, starting with who wins and so on. Please note that 4rabet is ranked as one of the sites with the highest live cricket odds in India.

Moneyline Odds

This type of bet involves predicting the outcome of certain matches. That is, users need to determine the winners of the Indian Premier League match, for example. IPL live betting in this respect is the most popular option among others. By the way, different types of odds are offered, such as decimal, fractional and American.

Handicap Betting

The handicap can be explained in other words. In this case, one team is given a virtual deficit, which must be overcome at the beginning of the event, and the opponent is assigned a virtual start. Here you can see designations such as -3, +1.5 and similar handicaps. At -3, the team is given a solid advantage over the opponent, and at +1.5, on the contrary, even the possibility of losing is allowed, but only by 1 point, given that a draw and any victory are also acceptable.

Mobile Betting

This paragraph applies to bets that are placed using mobile devices. This can be attributed to the use by bettors of mobile bookmaker sites and related applications, which can be downloaded from official sources such as Google Play Market and App Store. Applications are becoming more popular and the demand is increasing every day. With convenient apps, cricket enthusiasts have the ability to quickly place live cricket bets while watching live events such as IPL games.

Props Bets

This paragraph includes bets on various points not directly related to the outcome of the game. Examples of this type of bet in relation to live cricket are the following bets as best man of the match, best team batsman and total number of runs, and so on.

Futures Betting

These are rates that are supposed to be determined for a long period of time, for example, an entire season. In the case of cricket, an example would be the IPL season. Here you can predict who will win the league, which teams will rank in the top 3 or who will be the best among the players. Odds are usually given before the start of the competition cycle, but they can vary significantly during the season. Therefore, knowing about the current changes and events of the IPL, you can predict some of the options presented at a separate time already during the season.

Cricket Live Betting Tips

The bettor’s prediction of a live cricket match betting cannot be carried out without knowledge of the features and tips of cricket in general and the individual competition in particular. Player experience is of course an important factor when placing bets, but bare knowledge is not enough, especially when we are talking about cricket competitions, because this sport is not an easy one to bet on. The professional advice posted on the leading betting sites in India, as well as the tried and tested tips, are truly invaluable. Let’s take a look at a few basic tips that can make it a little easier to understand the various aspects of live cricket betting.

Bid budget control

This point should come first before you even think about cricket betting. You must know your financial capabilities by setting a certain budget limit. It is important that during matches and, accordingly, live bets, you do not get carried away with the process and do not spend a lot of money online. Therefore, play responsibly and as discreetly as possible.

Weather forecast and field conditions

Any weather conditions have a direct or indirect impact on the quality of the cricket game. Players can also get in the way of rain, sunny weather or gusty winds, for example. The condition of the site also requires attention. The quality of the coating can be influenced by the weather or the personnel who take care of it. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully monitor the weather forecast in the region at the time where and when the match is taking place.

Statistical analysis

Analyzing statistics is an essential element for effective cricket betting. Rating lists should not be ignored either. Here we are talking about leaderboards with regards to player and team statistics. Paying attention to these aspects, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams and players, the statistics of their performances in recent cricket matches. Thus, you can determine in which periods of the game the team plays at the highest level, and at which moments failures occur. Each player’s T20 statistics will tell you which performers are the best at the game in different forms and periods of time.

Thorough study of the situation with the odds in the market

Every player, whether he is a beginner bettor or an experienced bison in this business, should be aware of all the events. Learning about the odds when playing live cricket bets requires maximum concentration and scrupulousness. In this case, it is more profitable to trust yourself and follow those bookmakers who offer high rates.

 Live Cricket Session Betting

So, live bets are very popular among cricket bettors. Successfully predicting the outcome of certain matches requires taking many confident steps towards understanding fundamental processes. To bet on cricket, first of all, you need to choose a suitable platform that will meet certain criteria such as reliability, legality, availability of bonus offers and variety for betting on cricket competitions. Also, every self-respecting bettor is obliged to understand the odds and rates, following his / her strategic plans or listening to tips from experts.



The process of live betting cricket is almost the same as for regular betting, because you also have to choose a line and place your bets. During online betting in India, you need to look at the odds in real time and instantly react to events in the match.

To play online and be fully involved in the live cricket betting process, you need to choose the right sportsbook and place bets there according to your playing strategy.

  • 4rabet Review

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